The End of a Journey

Just like all stories, or in our case a wonderful dream, things do have a way of coming to an end. After almost two years in the build process, Spirit was commissioned in Ipswich, England. We have experienced almost 3 years of fun sailing over 12,000 nautical miles in the waters, cities, ports in Majorca, Sardinia and Corsica in the Mediterranean, to just about every island in the Caribbean. We’ve experienced an Atlantic crossing with stops in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde off the coast of Africa as well as spirited Oyster Regattas in Antigua and the British Virgin Islands. During the hurricane seasons Spirit headed north, via Bermuda, to the U.S. northeast coast where we explored Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Maine and Long Island. The list goes on.

It’s with these wonderful memories, our friends who were able to share Spirit with us, and our crews, that we sadly close this chapter in our lives. It’s been a great run, a bucket list fulfilled, a dream that indeed came true.

For all who have followed this website we sincerely hope, in some small way, you were able to vicariously share in our experiences.

This will be the last post before our website is tucked away into the family archives. But, before concluding, below are just a few special photos of Spirit’s incredible journey.  We can only wish you a “bon voyage” as you seek your own incredible journeys.

The yacht Spirit is born in early 2014

Our good friends Pat and Teri have been with us on this journey from the very beginning

Over a year of detailed finishing work

Spirit’s christening in 2015

Dick, Pat & David – A cold English Channel transit to the Mediterranean

Our first crew – Tom & Hannah

Friends we met along the way

Anchored in a port on southern Majorca

Our afternoon Sangria with Pat & Teri in Port de Soller, Majorca

The isle of Cabrera south of Palma

Dinner with Jim & Sue in Andratix, Majorca

Drinking Mojitos in Palma (the right way) with Denny and Betty

Off to dinner with David and Peggy – somewhere on Majorca

The coastline just east of Bonifacio, Corsica

The port of Bonifacio

Bonifacio at night

Mastering a selfie with John and Linda in Sardinia

Dan & Marcia arriving in Portisco, Sardinia

Heading off to happy hour with Bill & Sara

Spirit just after the start of the Atlantic crossing in Las Palmas, Canary Islands

David looking on (in disbelief) as Pat lands dinner, fresh from the Atlantic

Fresh Mani Mahi in the middle of the Atlantic – not bad

Approaching the finish line in St. Lucia after 15 days at sea

Spirit’s track across the Atlantic (Second place finish in our class)

One happy, and tired, crew – L-R Pat, Lars, Tom, Dick, David & Hannah

Racing (and winning our class) in the 2016 Antigua Oyster Regatta

Family time in the BVI with our son and his daughters

Jeff and our granddaughters, Katie and Abby, holding things up in the BVI

A favorite secluded beach on Guana Island, BVI

Feeding our daughter’s family in the BVI

Grandma & Grandpa’s “quality time”

At peace – Collier and Ann taking it all in off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard

Our most recent crew, Leah & Erik

Spirit crossing the finish line (and winning our class) in the 2017 BVI Oyster Regatta

Spirit team receiving awards for finishing first in her class (minus Nick who had to leave a day early) L-R Erik, Pat, David, Leah & Dick

The quiet beauty of the Spanish Virgin Islands

A front row seat for the America’s Cup in Bermuda

The Charm of the New England coast

Spirit anchored at the head of Some Sound as a fog bank rolls in

The lobster trap buoys of Maine – they’re everywhere!

Charming Maine seaports like Camden

Pat, still trying to master knots

Approaching New York on the East River

New York City as seen from the Hudson River

Anchored off Grace Bay, Providenciales, in Turks & Caicos

A beautiful night at anchor on the eastern end of Provo

A three-year track of Spirit’s journeys

Just one of 100’s of sunsets. A fitting end to our incredible journey.