Spirit heads north

Spirit’s journey continues. The log now reads almost 18,000 nautical miles since we took delivery in May of 2015 – a lot of water under the keel!

After spending winter and spring in the Caribbean, Spirit headed north to Bermuda – a due north 850 nautical mile trip that took only four and half days. With very favorable winds most of the way we were able to average almost 8 kts with sea states that were a sailor’s dream.

To clear customs and immigration we arrived at the far eastern end of Bermuda to St. George’s Town, a small quaint town that reminded us of what Bermuda must have been like before the tourist boom. We stayed in our anchorage for a couple of days before sailing around to the northwestern entrance to Hamilton Harbor, at the Royal Navy Dockyard, where we had a berth ideally located in walking distance to the America’s Cup Village. Just as we settled in to our berth we found out that the Opening Ceremonies, and first day of racing, were cancelled due to a major front moving through with winds expected to gust up to 40 mph. Oh, goodie! Needless to say, out came every dock line we had to tie on every cleat we could find, then we hunkered down for the “less than forecasted” front to pass. No problem, we survived!

While the finals of the 2017 America’s Cup won’t take place until mid June, we were able to see Oracle, America’s entry, and the other five “flying boats” compete in qualification rounds from a boat at the edge of the course. Quite a show! While the races and the celebratory spirit were the highlights, just seeing the number of spectator boats in Hamilton Harbor was a sight to behold.

Witnessing some of America’s Cup was really special, but when weather conditions permit it will be time for Spirit to continue her journey on a 650 nautical mile trip to Newport, where the crew will ready her for the summer ahead in New England.

The America’s Cup – another check mark on what seems to be an ever-expanding “bucket list”.

Spirit’s “straight as an arrow” 850 mile track to Bermuda

Spirit’s transit crew

Dawn over the Atlantic

An occasional rainbow

Just another Atlantic sunset

View of St. George’s Town from our anchorage

A view of Hamilton Harbor with spectator boats circling the course

A crane lowering Oracle into the water

Oracle all out

Oracle and the Swedish boat Artemis

The UK and Japan battling it out

Up really close…

A view of some super yachts next to the America’s Cup Village at night