The Caribbean 1500 final results are announced

At a Friday night awards banquet at the Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola the results of the Caribbean 1500 mile race were announced – Spirit came in 2nd place in the Cruising A Division, was awarded the Tempest Trophy representing ironically the boat best reflecting the “spirit of the rally”, and also Leah, our skipper, was awarded the “Youngest Skipper” award.

The Tempest Trophy has been awarded each year since 1990 to the yacht that best combines seamanship, enthusiasm, and helping others, and fittingly was first given to a boat that also assisted another with a rudder problem. This award has a permanent home at Peg Legs restaurant in Nanny Cay and we’re humbled to have Spirit’s name engraved with the others yachts before us.

A sincere and thanks to the entire crew who joined me and made the Caribbean 1500 such a special event – Leah, Erik, Pat, Flora, and Brandon.

The Caribbean 1500 Fleet

The Caribbean 1500 fleet

Spirit's final stretch to a 2nd place finish

Spirit’s final stretch to a 2nd place finish

Leah representing Spirit's crew receiving the Tempest Award

Leah representing Spirit’s crew receiving the Tempest Trophy

Spirit's crew - Brandon, Erik, Pat, Leah, Flora & Dick

Spirit’s happy crew – Brandon, Erik, Pat, Leah, Flora & Dick