Another rally. Another race. Another blue water experience.

It’s been almost a year since Spirit and her crew participated in the ARC+ Atlantic crossing – from the Canary Islands to the Cape Verde Islands to St. Lucia, a 3,000-mile adventure. Now it’s time for another crossing to reposition Spirit back into the warm waters of the Caribbean – this time a 1,500-mile journey.

The ARC Caribbean 1500 is America’s largest and longest-running ocean sailing rally. Since 1990, the “1500” has seen hundreds of boats and thousands of sailors safely embark on a passage from historic Portsmouth, Virginia, to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. The course will initially take us ESE 75 to 100 miles offshore from the Chesapeake where we’ll start our crossing of the always-challenging Gulf Stream. After clearing the Gulfstream we’ll gradually start heading south to the British Virgin Islands staying well south of Bermuda. From start to finish the passage should take approximately 7 to 9 days – given a little cooperation from Mother Nature.

We’ll spend a week in Portsmouth prior to the race for boat preparation, participation in seminars, getting food and water on-board and planning our strategy. Our crew of six is counting down the days with much anticipation. The initial start date was November 6th, but because of Atlantic weather systems we are now starting tomorrow morning, November 5th.

If you have an interest in following the event and our progress, like the Atlantic crossing, you can click the link below to the World Cruising Club’s “Fleet Viewer” to see all the boats (or just the boats in our “Cruising Class”) with updates every few hours. Putting your cursor on any one of the participating boats will open up a box of details.

The other source is Spirit’s own tracker, which only shows our progress without as much detail. It can be found by going to the Spirit website and clicking on “Satellite Tracker”.

Thanks to all who have, and are, following Spirit’s ongoing journey.

The Caribbean 1500 Projected Track

The Caribbean 1500 Projected Track

Spirit all "dressed" in Portsmouth

Spirit all “dressed” in Portsmouth