Leg 2, day 11 – The Approach

A guest crew post by Lars S/Y Sprit is entering the approach into St. Lucia after a fantastic crossing of the Atlantic. All the magic moments experienced underway cannot truly be described, it has to be personally experienced. It takes some days until you are settled down and put in the right state of mind, enabling you to open all your senses and collect all the inputs available. This again will enable you to enter this great feeling of harmony and reflections. A sky full of stars uninterrupted by other light sources, the sound of Spirit punching its way through the sea, the smell of the ocean, and on the last part a full moon lightning up the waves and yacht; it is all just magnificent. The knowledge that you are in the hands of the environment and the sea for me makes this experience even greater. Being in a small boat (excuse me Dick but everything is relative) so far from shore only surrounded by the sea, gives the old saying a real meaning: “You cannot change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.” This harmony experienced for the last more than a week stays in contrast to the Europe we left and the World in general, that we more or less have temporally disconnected from. Every adventure has its end, and so also for us now starting our 150 nm approach into St. Lucia. Let me a bit premature and thank Dick, and the rest of my fantastic crew friends, for making this crossing a very memorable one for me!