Leg 2, day 7 – The race continues

With approximately 875 miles to go, we’re still in fourth place among monohulls as we race to the finish in St. Lucia. The routine over the last few days has been broken up with more frequent squalls to either avoid or get wet under – our radar is on! These intense rainstorms create shifting, stronger winds, which require frequent sail changes. Our Spirit crew has certainly been up to the challenge! Thanks to Pat’s improved fishing skills, we’ve now had three fresh Mahi Mahi dinners. And thanks to Lars experimentation with his GoPro we’re getting all kinds of great movies and photos like the one above. Once in our berth in St. Lucia we’ll send a more comprehensive post with photos that best reflect this ocean crossing. In the meantime, I’m hoping a crewmember or two will submit a post with their thoughts on our experiences. Stay tuned.