Leg 2, day 5 – routine perfected

With a little over 1,300 miles to go, all of us on Spirit have settled into our daily routines that comprise mostly of standing watches, reading, sleeping and eating. The weather since leaving Mindelo has been consistently “sailing perfect” – easterly winds around 20 knots, rainless sunny skies, and a gentle rolling sea. Textbook. Oh, and a half dozen dolphins came alongside last night welcoming us to their world. For those of you following us on the World Cruising Club ARC+ Fleet Viewer you see we’re in 4th place amongst the 47 mono-hulls – but that’s before handicaps that will be calculated once we arrive in St. Lucia. We’ve only seen two other boats in the last two days as the fleet is certainly spread out across this vast ocean. Two days ago we set our sails with the Genoa poled out on the starboard side (pictured) to maximize our speed heading due west with easterly winds. This sail plan has worked so well we haven’t changed it, yet. Looking ahead a couple of days, our biggest decision will be how to celebrate reaching the halfway point – I’m sure we’ll find something in our stores.