Leg 1, day 4 – Closing in on the Cape Verde Islands

After over four days of sailing down the African coast, we are now within a couple hundred miles of Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands. Landfall should come early Friday morning. The weather is gradually getting warmer as we move into lower latitudes and we’re still experiencing the “Sahara dust” which limits our visibility to less than five miles. You can run your finger across any of the instruments and leave a trail. We’ve had a great run with the spinnaker, over 15 hours, and into the night. Keeping the spinnaker up at night is a bit tricky with constant attention being paid to shifting wind angles, and waves – all to give us an extra few knots of speed. Besides, it looks cool! Once we arrive in Mindelo and do a little sightseeing (and have access to Wi-Fi) we’ll post some of the more interesting photos of this first leg from Gran Canaria and pictures of the Cape Verde Islands. For now, the crew is focused on crossing the Leg 1 finishing line tomorrow morning in some kind of respectable position.