Leg 1, day 3 – A fish!

All of us on Spirit celebrated Pat’s landing of what we think was around a 20 lb Mahi Mahi. All hands were on-deck to support Pat’s triumph – from slowing the boat down from it’s over 9 kts, to spraying down the aft deck with water to laying out a tarp and getting everything ready for what was to become 12 beautiful filets. Hannah performed her galley magic at the end of the day and prepared a Mahi Mahi feast with rice pilaf, sautéed medley of vegetables and a glass of vintage 1962 Pellegrino sparkling water. Late yesterday we used our computer based wind models to part from the pack and head west for five hours to catch more favorable winds for the final stretch into Cape Verde – a tactic that will hopefully pay off on the leaderboard. We are just over 350 miles to Mindelo where we’ll have a few days rest to prepare for our next leg of the Atlantic crossing. We should arrive sometime around Friday midday. So far, no bruises, no broken toes, no colds – but lots of sore muscles from reacting to Spirit’s movements through the ocean. That’s a good thing.