Leg 1, day 2 – Another great sailing day

As David is indicating, it’s our second day and everyone is still smiling – for good reason. While our speed isn’t quite as fast as our first day out, it’s been a respectable 7 – 9 kts with the winds out of the ENE. Given the proximity to the Western Sahara the sky is very hazy from the sand. In the last 24 hours we improved our position and are now 520 nautical miles from Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands – the finish of our first leg. We did get a break from manually steering last night as we had the auto-pilot on all night. We’re on two-man watch schedules with 4-hour watches from 0800 to 2000, and 3 hour watches from 2000 to 0800 – and a little sleep between each. Yesterday afternoon we had our first strike on Pat’s reel – no fish but a great strike. We put out another line with the logic that two are better than one. There has to be some fish out here somewhere! While Pat was focused on catching a fish, David was taking a celestial noon site with his sextant – just in case we lose all power to our GPS navigation equipment. Today, Tuesday, is starting out to be another beautiful day. Onward.