Leg 1, day 1 – so far, terrific!

As Lars is indicating in the photo, day one was a great start. As we headed out from the Las Palmas marina, an hour or so before the race, we were touched by all the local people on the breakwater waving and wishing the fleet of 63 boats well. Then, Tom’s experience took over as we positioned ourselves for a precise 1300 start – we crossed the line just seconds after the starting signal. Over the last 24 hours we’ve covered over 200 nautical miles in perfect racing winds, 20 to 30 knots, out of the ENE and ESE. That puts us in the top tier our cruising division before handicaps are applied in Mindelo. Of course we’re all getting used to the roll – especially down below where the forces would like to throw you against the bulkheads. But, so far everyone is doing just fine. Sleeping is a bit of a challenge as we all have to assume crazy positions against lee clothes to ensure we don’t end up on the floor. At the 2000 change of watch last night Hannah served up what has to be the world’s best lasagna, a real treat for the crew. Looking forward to tonight’s surprise. While Pat and David were on watch in the early morning hours they witnessed a spectacular sky, the bright line up of Venus, Mars and Jupiter over top of a waning moon. This morning while Lars and I were on watch, shortly after 0900, we were greeted by a school of dolphins, and as has become the routine, Pat has a fishing line out hoping for the big one. That’s it for now, the journey continues.