Dream to Reality

Deck PlansWe all have dreams, and this website is all about the realization of our dream – the building of a new yacht. For over 30 years we’ve enjoyed bare boating, sailing with friends and gawking at beautiful yachts in anchorages from the Caribbean to The Kingdom of Tonga. Fast forward to about six months ago when we made a life-changing decision to build a yacht – not just any yacht, but an Oyster 575. While we live in an age of instant gratification, the building of our yacht is anything but “instant”. We will take delivery in May of 2015 in Ipswich England. The plan is to sail the Mediterranean, participate in an ARC Atlantic crossing then settle in to a home port in the British Virgin Islands.

While we don’t yet have a boat to share with friends and family, we do have a name – Spirit.  We also have today’s technology allowing us to share the build experience with friends and family through photos and postings on this website. We don’t have any pictures yet of exotic far away anchorages but we do have links to the Oyster website, photos of Oyster 575’s already on the water and engaging YouTube videos.

We hope you’ll share, through cyberspace, this exciting time in our life – a time of anticipation and dreaming.

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